Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Awesome Holiday.

CRAA CRAA CRAA !! DING DING DING DING !! Man those sounds are annoying, I’m trying too sleep, but its not helpful when alarms are going off, scary birds keep making WEIRD noises, plus. My sister is dragging me out of bed!

In the morning my family and I got up extremely early, to go to our “Family Day” , the family day was being held at the Palicen Resort Gold Coast, Australia. Our family day was so much fun!
The reason why we went was too see different family’s , from the FALCON team!
The falcon’s team is a Glen Innes team from Auckland, New Zealand!
A lot of my family member’s play in the team. Such as my dad.

In the middle of the day, the Falcons Team were setting up for the day! Like getting the BBQ ready, putting up the HUGE tents, and also watching the little kids (Good on you boys).
In the after-noon, so much kids ended up being there at the Resort.
So much laughing and screaming. I reckon the parents would of been, getting a head ache.
Around about 1:30pm you could hear tony yell out “Shane, Start the BBQ bro”, So Shane replied “Okay mate”,

When the BBQ was sizzling and nearly prepared, Shane got some of the ladies to butter some bread! Well they were, heaps more food was being handed over to put on the table, meat was getting put into the dishes, and at the end of all of that everyone got to shove there mouths with nice BIG juicy steaks. And beautiful salads.
When we were all eating you could mostly hear “hmmmm this is so yummy”, or “OH! yummy yummy yummy yummy”.

At the end of the day! We all stared to pack up, clean, and all go home. Oh well some of us did! Unlike my sister and I, we stayed at the resort for two nights.
Around about 1am in the morning, that’s when everyone went to sleep............BUT ME!
I could not go to sleep with my drunk OLD uncle snoring!!! “AAAAAAAARGHH”.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Multiple Intelligence's Test...

In my multiple intelligence's test, is BRILLIANT, but there are just some things that I'd have to work on! Such as "Logical & Visual/Spatial".
The ones that the Results and I think I'm good at, are, "Music Smart, Myself Smart, and People Smart" , I'm proud of that.

So next year, I hope to see that chart fully covered! So I better start improving my goals & skills ..

Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Day

“START THE BBQ BRO” , Tony yelled to Shane. In the holidays my family and I went to go and see the falcons and there family’s at the Palican Resort for family day. Family day is a very special day, its when families from around come to see there close one’s and spend the day or night with them.

The things that you could do at the RESORT were so cool. There was Tennis, Paddling Boats, 2 pools, 2 spas and a area where little kids can play. The area I spent most time in was the POOL AREA! I was swimming 24/7.

On family day all of the family’s came too see there members.
I met most of them, I reckon the people I wanted to see the most was my auntie, uncle, and their kids.
On that day when I was meeting familys I got a lot of HUGS and KISSES!! (yuck) …

At the end of the day, It was such a cool & fun time too hang out and meet new people from Australia.
Being in aussie was so much FUN!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AFL Kiwi Kick ..

My highlight for A.F.L Kiwi Kick , was the CRAZY CATCHES ..
We had gotten a choice of crazy catches, such as catching it in between your LEGS , ELBOWS & 1 hand!
Out of 12 passes or more, I probably caught just 2!!
It was quite funny if you had asked me.
So after a few more minute, I started to catch all of the balls because
I was using two hands but A.F.L was awesome and it is a new experience for me

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Research On Fatu Feu'u

`````` Artist Profile : Fatu Feu’u

Research this artist on the link and Fatu Feuu reading resource document, below to complete the following chart.
Fatu Feu’u Reading source (shared document in gmail)
Artist name: Fatu Feu’u
(Paste a picture of the artist) *This is a picture of Fatu Feu’u
DOB: 1946
Nationality /Island: Samoa
Village: Poutasi Falealili, Savai'i.
College: Apia
The year emigrated to NZ: 1986
Write a quote from Fatu Feu’u : I Feel There Is So Much Art To Be Made in the world,
What two chiefly tittles does Fatu Feu’u Hold?
Paste the art work Conserve for Tomorrow


Conserve for Tomorrow 1990 / 2000
Oil on board, wood, ceramics, sennit
200 x 742 cm

Paste the art work Pasifika Fou 2) Pasifika Fou (New Pacific) 1999
Mixed media on canvas
180 x 280 cm

Resources: media on can
Write a paragrah discribing Fatu Feu’u’s work. fatu feu’u work, tells a full story on his art . it is about his an-sisters and family storys, he is an excellent artist

Vocabulary :

Find the meanings for these words using Thesaurus.com or dictionary.com
Educated to develop the faculties and powers of (a person) byteaching, instruction, or schooling.
Emigrated to leave one country or region to settle in another
Mentor a person that helps

Artist are persons having superior skill or ability, orwho are capable of producing superior work. An artist is a personengaged in some type of fine art. An artisan is engaged in a craftor applied art.
a mathematical quantity obtained from a given quantityby an algebraic, geometric, or functional
relating to, or being a tradition
2. of or relating to the style of jazz originating in New Orleans,characterized by collective improvisation by a front line oftrumpet, trombone, and clarinet accompanied by variousrhythm instruments

Design to work out or structur, somethinge
Motifs a idea of a subject, idea or theme
Sculptures a art of carving, modeling, andwelding.
Frigate bird any of several predacious seabirds of the genus Fregata, havingfully webbed fee
Visual its an eye sight , of something that you could see! in your pathway
Presentation its a person doing a speech , welcoming or telling people information
Passion any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love orhate.
Spiritual closley akin in interest. orattitude and out look.
Legend a myth or story about someone eho lived long ago. like a hero for example......
Fa’asamoa something , idont actually know …... haaaha
Poutasi its the village that fatu got brought up in …...

Fatu Feu’u Notes:
. he was great at art exhibitons
. he was born in 1946
. he was born and raised in western samoa
. he was twenty when he moved here
. Fatu feu’u does many kinds of art things
. he has joined other art exhibitions before
around the new zealand area such as ‘’bottled ocean’’
. ‘Bottled Ocean’ Wellington City Gallery 1994, the Australian Contemoporary Art Fair 1998, ‘Pacific Renaissance’ 1999 at Tjibaou Cultural Centre, New Caledonia and ‘Talofa Samoa’ at the Frankfurt Art Museum,

Fatus Designs and pieces of Art Work, are so awesome ! They tell you story’s about an-sisters, myths and many more.
In his art work he has thing like Pacific Flowers, Fish, People, and warriors. He uses many colors and equipment such as
Oil Stencils, Pencils, Paints and different things …............

The famous artist himself has joined so many art festivals, such as the Bottle Festival , Australian Contemoporary in 1998 , Tjibaou Cultural Centre, and many more .. He has made a huge success in his life,

Fatu Feu’u was born in Samoa, in the year 1946.
The village that he lived in was called Poutasi , In the Western part of beautiful Samoa.......
Since he was born in 1946 and it is now 2011 , that means Fatu Feu’u is 65 or 64, but according to my friend Tamara’s calculations he is 57... She always disagrees with me, Typical she is .

Every Wednesdays Room 20 , that’s including me , we all do art with our reliver called Ms Muleamasealii . Or art is based on some of the art designs that Fatu Feu’u and Phillip Clairemont.
So I hope that everything turns out algood.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Friend Ship is Important , For Life

Friendship, Loving and Caring is a very important thing in the world. if we did not have friend-ship, and hated each other instead the world would be going completely insane .

Friend’s should always have each others
backs, for example if your friend is feeling down make them happy, and make sure that they don’t feel like they have been be-traded or hurt by you.

If there have been dramas at your school with you and your friend, make sure you go to the teacher and tell them before it gets even worst, or before you guys start a war.
because friends should be cheering you up not tearing you down.

In reality you should do some things with your friends like going to the MOVIES or go SHOPPING just for the fun of it. You should keep you and your friends real close.

When your also with your friend make sure that you always make them feel like there protected and safe around you . Friends should be loved, and cared by you . Friend ship is a important thing.
Friends are not only just friends they are also family. If you love and protect your family then you should treat your friends the way you treat them.